Traffic Modes

Our technology supports 7 primary traffic distribution modes;

Aggregation – Use the full capacity of all lines for maximum customer benefit

Top Up – Only when a specific connection is full, burst into the capacity of a second connection

Seamless Failover – Use specific line(s) to carry traffic, only utilising a seamless backup connection if it fails
Non-Seamless Failover
Service Assurance – Only when a primary connection dips below a certain service level does the secondary connection make up the difference.
Service Assurance – Only when a primary connection dips below a certain service level does the secondary connection make up the difference.

Fixed Mode – Allow traffic to be distributed across multiple lines according to a fixed ratio

Common Server Infrastructure

Our unique solutions share a common back-end server platform, meaning that once the servers have been deployed for one application, you have the capability to leverage that investment and launch any of the others. At present, the platform is supplied as a series of VMWare images, but soon will be available as NFV modules.

All our products are also built on the same client code-base, allowing features to be mixed and matched.

Tunnelling Protocol

All products use our proprietary UDP-based tunnelling protocol, which efficiently and securely ensures that multiple connections can be aggregated seamlessly. This protocol supports multiple levels of encryption, so depending upon the application, the tunnel is secure from a basic packet injection protection layer, to bank grade encryption.

Clustered Aggregation Technology

Our technology has several use cases where utilising multiple devices, that are not necessarily collocated, to share capacity across a WAN. For example, law enforcement, officers body cameras can utilise the officers smartphones to upload data back to a central device, located in the officers vehicle before then connecting back to the head office. A police squad can then share capacity across an entire city, ensuring data is uploaded regardless of an individual officers connectivity.

Another example of this is our SD-WAN solution which allows multiple low-cost routers to collaborate, forming one single high-capacity virtual router. This allows, for example, multiple xDSL modems to be inter-connected by a LAN, intelligently acting as one. Our patented technology has the key advantages of allowing customer connectivity to automatically be scaled, reducing costs and eliminating the single point of failure typically seen on an SD-WAN appliance.

Plug & Play Router

Where existing CPE has insufficient resources to host our software, our SD-WAN functionality can be retro-fitted to existing customer environments by deploying our low-cost, patented plug & play router.

More Information

A full technical due diligence pack is available under NDA. Please contact us for more information.