Value-added Reseller


Single and multi-site businesses are heavily reliant on their internet connections. VoIP, cloud hosted services, off-site backup, e-commerce, email and CRM are driving the demand for faster speeds and 100% reliability. Where customers can’t cost-effectively receive good enough broadband, our solution allows multiple low-cost connections to be aggregated into a single high-capacity virtual pipe. Different underlying network providers or access technologies can be used, not only to increase access speeds, but deliver better resilience through supplier diversity.

Key sales propositions include;

  • Multi-site customers often require a certain speed and SLA for each site. Some sites can be cost-effectively delivered using a single connection, but in the more difficult to reach sites, expensive leased lines often need to be installed, which both increases cost and introduces a long lead-time. For those difficult to reach sites, our SD-WAN is the perfect solution
  • Small businesses are typically very cost-sensitive but need good connectivity. our low-cost solution is self installed by the customer, eliminating the need for on-site visits, which reduces costs significantly. In addition, the ability to scale up when required means the solution easily to adapt to requirement
  • As an intermediate solution, leased lines can take many months to install due to planning regulations, way-leaves, capacity issues and logistics. Our solution is used today by many organisations to bridge that gap whilst waiting for their new connection to be installed
  • A reseller portal allows for the simple management of all customers

Seamless Failover

Smaller businesses need reliable broadband just as much as large businesses, but few have a back-up plan in event of their main broadband connection failing. Traditional 4G failover solutions are expensive, often out pricing small businesses, making them more vulnerable to outages.

Our low-cost method provides your customers with more reliable broadband by better using what they already have in place. This allows VARs to gain incremental revenue from previously inaccessible customers. Our compelling proposition also allows you to re-engage with customers, offering a truly unique proposition.

Top Up

Top Up is not only a useful solution for your consumer customers with poor broadband, it can be an effective solution for businesses with home workers by using their work smartphone to act as a way of providing extra speed on-demand. Home workers typical down-time can result in high costs for businesses, this is where Top Up can provide an excellent RoI and compelling proposition.

Working Together

There are two business models;

Managed service

A nationwide UK and US managed service, served from our 8 datacenters. Our SD-WAN solutions can be either branded or white-labelled and are charged on a per line, per month basis.


Larger VAR’s can license the aggregation server software to be run in their own datacenters. An up-front licensing fee (including training) is charged, plus a recurring per, line per month license fee.